You can’t track what you don’t record

And I'm not talking about sticky notes - if actions are important they should be recorded in a sensible and robust way.

We've seen all sorts of 'action recording' techniques - Word documents, emails, spreadsheets - and yes sticky notes - in many cases being used to manage pretty important actions, but let’s first discuss where we’re going to put them (apart from sticky notes, we all know where they go)

If you are dealing with more than one person you probably need some kind of central storage for your actions.

Internal file servers are ok - but difficult to manage if you are dealing with subcontractors/partners who have no easy access to your network. Google docs and similar shared storage systems are also possible as long as you are happy with the availability, security and any legislation around where your sensitive data is stored.
The people who need to access the action should be able to do so, but you may also have actions that are restricted to a group - a project team for example.

I don't have a problem with spreadsheets as a concept but I think you need to carefully consider the downside when you're trying to record and manage actions - here's one big problem

Spreadsheet fail #1 - It's difficult to stop people seeing your stuff

If you can open a spreadsheet you can usually see all of it – which is inconvenient if there are bits you’d rather keep private, like specific actions.
You can deal with this to an extent by a bit of clever macro programming but to be honest it all gets a bit complicated, we’ve seen big businesses held together by crazy complex spreadsheets and it’s fine until the spreadsheet guy leaves.