Latest Permit to Work user – the Easter Bunny

Don’t bite my head off for saying this but I reckon Santa has it pretty easy. I mean, he gets the whole year to sort out his toy stock – I’ve got to get these eggs out while they’re fresh and that means a whole lot of cooking !  – thank goodness I have the Pisys Permit to Work system to help me keep track of all the hot work that needs doing – that chocolate really scalds even through fur, and it’s all done in the burrow of course so confined spaces are really an issue.
Delivery’s another thing – imagine how easy it would be if I had reindeer, but no, it’s just me, scurrying from house to house, avoiding foxes and electric fences – the isolations module does come in handy there. And just one final thing – Santa gets to pick who gets a present – I’m bringing joy to all children whether they’ve been naughty or nice, so I need a system that can really cope with a huge amount of data – it prevents everything from getting in a stew.
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