Why do I need an Electronic Permit to Work System?

A permit to work system will help to ensure that all work performed on site is a. Planned and approved b. Performed safely, and c. That all necessary personnel are informed.

As an example, imagine you run a food factory and one of your production lines needs some welding work - this seems straightforward but let's look at some of the things that may affect the safety/effectiveness of the task.

  • Where will the work be done - is there anything or anyone nearby which could be impacted? - for example a tank containing inflammable liquids, combustible materials, a pedestrian walkway?
  • How will the production line be affected while the repair is underway? - will it be shut down? - how will this happen, how will you ensure that it isn't powered up while the work is underway
  • Who will do the work - are they qualified to undertake the work
  • Who will authorise the work
  • Who will be informed when the work is completed
  • A permit to work system will help you ensure that all these questions are answered before work commences - it should also ensure that permits are easily managed from a central location and ideally with a visual representation of the work area - we call these 'Plot Plans'

    Will working at heights or confined space working be involved? - what precautions will be required

    How will other people know that the work is being done - so for example electrical work on the line isn't scheduled at the same time.

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