What’s new in v5.1

We’ve made some pretty significant changes to this version of ATMS – as always, please get in touch with support@pisys.co.uk with any questions – we rely on your feedback to help us continually improve.

We have introduced Unlimited Reviewers!

This means that it is now possible to define an unlimited number of “Strategic Reviewers” and “Reviewers” in a control group. As a result a NEW project can now have an unlimited number of Strategic Reviewers and Reviewers. In previous versions of ATMS a project was limited to the standard number of 2 Strategic Reviewers and 6 Reviewers.

Every new Strategic Reviewer and Reviewer added to a Project will have its own Review Comments – When an action is approved/rejected, a text area will appear to allow comments to be added. These comments will be included in the email generated by the approval/rejection and these will also appear on action edit screen under Review Comments tab.

Existing Projects in ATMS will still be limited to the standard number of Strategic Reviewers and Reviewers.

ATMS has been changed to accommodate Unlimited Reviewers into the entire workflow of an Action.

ATMS v5.0.7
Major New Feature for ATMS release v5.1.3