In the latest version of ATMS (release date 26th Oct 2010) we’ve provided tools for admin users to customise how your actions look and what they can store:

The Action Edit screen popup can now be any size you want – or even fullscreen.
The Tabs on the Action Edit Screen can be renamed, reordered, resized!
All the controls (dropdowns, text boxes, checkboxes, dates etc. ) can be placed on your choice of Tab, and in whatever order you want within Tabs.
Create you own controls! If your actions don’t store something you’d like them to – create a control for it! You can even create a new tab – this opens ATMS up to be a massively versatile way of recording just about anything you like

The new flexible Custom Controls can be columns too on the main Action List Screen, and can be used in Custom Reports.

Hover the mouse over any personnel mentioned on the action list screen and a tooltip with their contact details appears.
Better, more informative warning and error messages
Numerous user interface enhancements.