– An identity label now appears on title bar indicating which instance of ATMS you are logged into. This is the customer name by default but can be edited in Administration  Connection Identity button.
-Users can now have the ‘Requires My Attention’ filter checked and disabled. This is configured in the user edit screen.
-Allow dynamic dropdown list controls to be edited once they have been in use.
-Fix:Actions closed per Month report showed garbled image when only one month of data present.
– Ability to give a single user visibility of a project as well as an entire company. The visibility parts now have their own tab on the Project Edit page. This fix also incorporated a performance improvement in some of the database queries which should result in a visible speed increase.
– There is a new .csv Action Importer which can also import dynamic data – gives you a lot more flexibility in the range/structure and format of data which can be imported
– Fix:In certain conditions bulk replace was causing parent projects to be turned into sub projects – pretty confusing but hopefully fixed now !
-Upgraded to .Net 4.0: System backend now uses .Net 4.0 framework.