Access to the PTW system is via user accounts and passwords.

  • Each user is assigned to a company.
  • Users can be given different Permit Sign Rights for each Site in the system.
  • Users can be ‘Administrators’, which allows them to create users, sites/areas, sign rights, permit questions etc.
  • Users can be ‘Management Users’, which allows them to access the Management Overview menu option.

Create a User Account for: Company personnel who are involved in the permit workflow (e.g. creation, approval, hand-back)

Make user ‘Permit Recipient’: Contractor personnel who perform a job but are not involved in the Permit workflow. They can sign the permit in the presence of a company representative while planning/agreeing the work in the PTW.

The User List Screen

Admin > Users

The User Screen shows all PTW user accounts, their company and whether they are an ‘Admin’ in the system

From here, Administrators can:

  • Create, edit, archive and lock user accounts
  • Give users their access rights (i.e. what they can see/do in the PTW system)
  • Make users ‘Administrators’ or ‘Management Users’
  • Send password re-set emails

User accounts can use individual emails or collective email addresses, e.g.

Users can be created individually or imported in bulk from an Excel spreadsheet. User information can be exported to an Excel Spreadsheet.

Creating, Editing and Archiving Users

  1. On the User List Screen click the ‘Create New’ button to create a new user, OR:
  2. Click the ‘Edit’ button to edit an existing user’s details. The User Edit Screen opens.
  3. Complete User information as in the example below.
  4. Click the ‘Save’ Button to Save OR:
  5. Click the ‘Save and Create Recipient Button’ to save the user and add them to the list of Permit Recipients, which will be used during Permit Authorisation.

Allocating User Rights to Users

  1. Decide on a ‘Permit Sign Right’ the user for each area or create a new Permit Sign Right with the desired combination of rights in the Admin > User Rights Screen.
  2. In the User Edit Screen, select a ‘Permit Sign Right’ for this user for each of the sites at the bottom of the screen.

Importing Users in Bulk

Admin > Users

Users can be imported in bulk from an Excel spreadsheet.

You can download a blank template (see below) and use it to upload to the server. The yellow coloured cells are required and must be filled in.

Downloading the User Import Template

  1. Click the ‘Import Users’ button at the top of the User List Screen. The User Import Screen opens.
  2. Click the ‘Download Blank Template’ Button on the User Import Screen.
  3. Fill in the required fields in the template and save to your computer.

Importing Users Using a Populated User Import Template

  1. Click the ‘Import User’ Button on the User List Screen. The User Import Screen opens.
  2. Select the Company a user should be assigned to, if this information is not contained in the spreadsheet.
  3. Tick the ‘Email User’ box to send automatic welcome emails containing usernames and a password links.
  4. Click the ‘Choose File’ Button and select the spreadsheet with the user information.
  5. Click the ‘Import’ Button.


Exporting User Information to Excel

  1. On the User List Screen click the ‘Export List’ Button.
  2. An Excel Spreadsheet containing user information will be downloaded.
  3. Save this spreadsheet to your computer.