Translations Tab

We have seen in many occasions in this manual that ATMS™ is completely configurable - we know that different businesses need to track different things and some times in different languages as well.

Sometimes businesses may not even call the items they are tracking "actions". All of the ATMS™ labels can be found under the Translations Tab.

To explain simply Translations is where ATMS™ labels are build. So for example, we know that we have a tab called Users where an administrator will create users and add them to teams and give them permissions. Perhaps this tab can now be labeled as: Users Administration.

All a user has to do is go to Translations find the Users entry and change it to be called Users Administration.

Another good use of Translations is for situations where a client wants to use ATMS™ in a different language. The Translations Tab is where they can come and change all labels to match their requirements.

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