Training Simulation

Training Simulation

Multi purpose control room simulators

Do you need to train control room staff in emergency management or marine operations in a highly realistic and configurable environment?

Pisys Ltd. is a world leader in the provision of training simulators for the offshore industry.

Our simulators run on anything from a single laptop to a full immersive control room replica. One simulator can run many ‘models’ representing different assets (e.g, an offshore vessel)

Our unique ‘instructor mode’ allows a trainer to run scenarios and alter the operation of the system while students are using it – for example by inducing faults in key systems to assess problem solving skills.

Simulate all kinds of control room scenarios using our pre-built models or commission a precise replica of your existing system. We go to whatever level of detail you require to achieve the level of realism you need, starting with the control systems which staff are interacting with daily. We’ll work from plans, P&ID’s, safety case documents, screenshots, photos – we often go offshore to capture actual alarm sounds and control panel layouts. This ensures that our simulator is an authentic replica of the asset as-is, rather than ‘as-was’ when it was brand new !

Our moving platform option allows staff to experience vessel movement while undertaking rig moves, ballasting and other marine operations.

We have a number of ‘generic’ models including Jack-ups, FPSO’s and Oil terminals which have been developed around the most common training requirements – this allows us to deliver a working system off the shelf.

Systems are in use worldwide – we’ve included a couple of videos to show you two of our moving platform installs, but the majority of our customers find that a PC network based solution is ideal for their needs.

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