The Panels and Controls Screen: Version status/control boxes & buttons

The Panels and Controls Screen – Version status boxes: In Use, Archived and Under Development.

Admin > Permit Questions

When a question set/version is under development or not in use, panels and questions can be edited or deleted.

Along the top of the ‘Panels and Controls’ Screen is a ‘Version’ selector, and boxes to indicate whether this version is In Use, Archived or Under Development.

  • The ‘In Use’ option indicates that least one permit exists for this version, and the editing is no longer possible.
  • The ‘Under Development’ option indicates that the selected version is hidden, so that no permits can be created inadvertently, as this would prevent any further developments on this version.
  • The ‘Archived’ option indicates that the version/question set is archived – this version no longer appears as a choice for selection at permit creation time. No permits can be created for this version.

The Panels and Controls Screen – Set of "Version Control" Buttons.

Admin > Permit Questions

To customise a version’s workflow, recipients for email notifications or permit questions, select the relevant version and use the buttons on right:


The Edit Version Button

Opens the Version Edit Screen which allows users to edit the selected version’s workflow & email settings, mark the version as being ‘under development’ or archive the question set.

The Print Blank Button

Prints out a blank Permit to Work form for the selected version, including dropdown list or tick box options for answers.

The Excel Button

Exports the selected version’s permit questions to Excel format, including panels, answer type, pre-defined answers and whether the question is mandatory.

The Terminology Button

Allows customisation of the terminology on the Permit Issue and Permit Hand-back Screens.

The Panels and Controls Screen - "Create New Version" Buttons

Admin > Permit Questions

To create a new question set/version (e.g. when changes are required to a version which is in use already), use the Create Version buttons:

  • Create New from this Version – creates an editable copy of the selected version.
  • Create Blank – creates a completely new blank version.

Creating New Versions/Question Sets

When changes to questions/panels become necessary, but the question set is no longer editable, a new version/question set must be created by an Administrator. This new question set can then be used for permits going forward. To ensure the integrity of existing permits, questions cannot be changed retrospectively after a permit has been created.

  • To create an editable question set based on the selected version click the ‘Create New from this Version’ button.
  • To create a blank question set, which consists of 10 pre-set panels PLUS an Atmosphere Test Section, which can be included in each of the panels, click the ‘Create Blank’ button.

You can now edit the new question sets to suit your needs.

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