The Isolation Version Screen

Admin > Isolations Version

Administrators can view the settings and manage different versions of the Isolation Creation Form here.

They can:

  • View the settings and revision status for an Isolation version, and the number of isolations created using that version.
  • Create, edit, delete and archive Isolations versions.
  • Enforce version control over isolation versions.
  • Define what information will be captured when a new isolation is created, such as isolation equipment, isolation reason, isolation requested by and performed by.
  • Make this information mandatory, so that a new isolation can only be saved or approved if this information is present.

The Isolation Version Screen is divided into 4 sections, see screenshot below:

  1. The Isolation Version Selector and Version Management buttons
  2. The Isolation Version Settings Box
  3. The Isolation Equipment Settings Box
  4. The Isolation Signature Type List






Isolation Version Management Buttons: Editing, Archiving and Creating Versions

Admin > Isolation Version

  1. To edit an isolation version, select the version from the dropdown list and click the ‘Edit’ button, make the changes the Version Edit Box and click the ‘Save’ button OR the ‘Back to List’ button to return to the list without editing.
  2. To archive an isolation version, tick the Archive box.
  3. To create a new isolation version, click the ‘Create New’ button, fill in all details and click the ‘Save’ button.
  4. To create a new isolation version, but base it on an existing version, select the version you want to use from the version selector dropdown, click the ‘Create New from Version’ button, fill in all details and click the ‘Save’ button.

The Isolations Version Setting Box: Customising the Isolation Form and View Status

Admin > Isolation Version

Select the version from the version selector dropdown.

The Isolations Version Setting Box shows what information the Isolation Creation form for this version requires, and what information is mandatory before an isolation can be saved/approved.

It also shows whether the selected version in use, archived or under development, and how many isolations have been created from this.

  • The ‘In Use’ option indicates that least one isolation exists for this version, and the editing is no longer possible. This box is ticked once the first isolation has been created from this version.
  • The ‘Under Development’ option indicates that the selected version is hidden, so that no isolations can be created inadvertently, as this would prevent any further developments on this version.
  • The ‘Archived’ option indicates that the version/ is archived – this version no longer appears as a choice for selection at isolation creation time. No isolations can be created for this version.

To change any of these settings, use the Version Management Buttons, as described below.

Isolation Equipment Setting

Admin > Isolation Version

Select the version you want to work with from the version selector dropdown at the top.

This box shows the column headings and corresponding data types for the table of isolation point details.

Isolation Signature Type List

Admin > Isolation Version

Select the version of interest from the version selector dropdown at the top.

Shows the types of signatures/approvals are required on Isolate and De-Isolate, and whether these settings have been used on any isolations.

Isolation Point Current Status List
Isolation Settings Edit Screen