Supported Charity

We've been based in Aberdeen since 1988 and we like it here !  The city has been good for us and hopefully we've been good for Aberdeen. Our charity support programme focuses on Aberdeen based charities which are often operating at small scale but providing vital support within a unique local economy which is heavily linked to the fortunes of the energy sector.

Many people in the city are facing financial crises which they never expected to be facing - and often they find that the standard routes to assistance don't work for them. Going from a well-paid job to unemployment can often result in being ineligible for government support while being left with severe debt and this can in turn lead to all kinds of other issues.

A local charity called Ditch Debt with Dignity aims to support people from all backgrounds, offering debt counselling and practical help in getting their finances on a firmer footing. Pisys will support the charity's running costs for the next 3 years, which will allow them to train a team of debt counsellors who can help to deal with the increased demand for the service. We're also helping them connect with other companies who may be able to help them.

We're proud to be involved with a small charity who are just focussed on doing the right thing, offering support without judgement and making a real difference in the lives of hundreds of people, many of whom are our neighbours and friends.