Status Tab

The Status of each stage of an action is automatically set when a Control Group is created and controls are set. The basic principle behind ATMS™ is that an individual creates an action and assigns it to someone who does some work with it before indicating that it is complete.

The word "Complete" above is a Status. ATMS™ will automatically create a set of stauses for every quaifying control type that gets added. Statuses are normally created for Reviewer control types and action stages (creation, completion, etc.)

Some Statuses can be edited (title ONLY) and others are fixed and cannot be edited at all. The Statuses can be edited on the Status Tab.

Edit Status

The Control Group dropdown at the top of the Status Tab page allows the user to select the control group that applies to their project in order to see the statuses available. Each control group will most likely have different statuses depending on what control types have been added to it.

To edit a status simply select it from the list of available statuses and either click on the Edit button or double click to open the edit status screen. As seen below each status will have a Title (Status Text) and a Description.

The Description is not editable but the Title can be edited on statuses that were created by the addition of an action state control type (Completed, Open, Canceled, etc.). Statuses that were created by the addition of reviewer control types cannot be edited at all.

Matrix Tab