Standard Isolations Workflow From Creation To Close

  1. The isolation is created and saved by a ‘Creator’ user. During this step, all isolation details, such as details of the job, work area, contractor company are filled in. The user also sets all isolation points, and the isolation sequence.
  2. Once crated, a user requests approval for the Isolation.
  3. The Isolation is approved for isolation or rejected by a user with ‘Approval’ rights.
  4. If approved, the physical isolation is carried out at the worksite, and then ‘confirmed isolated’ in the Pisys software. The equipment now shows as ‘isolated’ in the Isolations List and on the Plot Plan (orange box on diagram).
  5. Once the job is complete and the isolation ready for de-isolation, the de-isolation is requested.
  6. Once the de-isolation has been ‘approved’ by an authorised user in the PTW software, the de-isolation is carried out at the worksite.
  7. The equipment is ‘confirmed de-isolated’ in the Pisys software.
  8. The isolation is ‘closed’. It no longer displays on the list of active isolations or the Permit Board.
Isolations Workflows
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