A simple tool to record risk assessments in businesses of any size

As an employer you have an obligation to manage risks effectively

Businesses with 5 or more employees must undertake risk assessments before  doing work which presents a risk of injury or ill health.

Regulation 3 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

This means that You should record:

  • The significant findings - what the risks are, what you are already doing to control them and what further action is needed
  • Details of any particular groups of employees who you have identified as being especially at risk


Key features of Pisys Risk Manager

  • Everything is on the cloud so you don't need to worry about having your own server
  • The system is available 24x7
  • You can quickly create new risk assessments, or view earlier ones. All assessments can be quickly printed for signature or filing
  • Provides good evidence for audits
  • Shows a real commitment to health and safety