Selecting a Project

Selecting a project on the project tree populates checkboxes in the organisation tree to show who can see this project. Solidly-blocked checkboxes show that some checkboxes below this checkbox are checked while others are not. The checkbox for user QC Reviewer01 above is checked and greyed out – they will have been selected as default in a role on the 1st ATMS Demo Project and will always have visibility unless removed from the project.

Checkboxes on the organisation tree are hierarchical. For instance, if you check or uncheck a department checkbox, all the users in that department will check or uncheck also. Similarly, if you check all the users for their parent container (company, department, or team) then that container’s checkbox will also be checked as you have effectively given visibility to it. This also works for selecting all departments in a company – the company effectively has visibility.

Project Visibility Tab
Selecting an Organisation Element