Removing Isolations from the Long Term Isolations Register

Isolations > Isolations List or Long-Term Register

  1. In the Isolation Long Term Register, click the ‘View’ button next to the isolation which you want to remove from the Long-Term Isolations Register.
  2. The Isolation Details Screen opens. Click the ‘Remove from Long-Term Isolation’ button in the Long-Term Isolation Details Section.
  3. The ‘Isolation Remove Long Term’ Screen opens. Re-enter your password and click the ‘Remove from Long-Term Isolation’ button, OR: click the ‘Return’ button to return to the Isolation Details screen without removing the isolation from the Long-Term Isolations Register.


The Isolation Details Screen opens. The removal from Long-Term Isolations Register is listed in the ‘Long-Term Isolation Details’ Section of the screen.



Once removed from the long-term register, the isolation returns to ‘Confirmed’ status, with all standard workflow options available, as described in ‘Confirming Isolation’.

The isolation is no longer listed in the Long-Term Isolations Register.



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