ATMS Release v5.1.4

What's New in ATMS Release v5.1.4

1. Improvements to 'Query' Function

  1. The ‘Text Search’ function on the main list screen has been extended to include all query responses in the search, instead of the information from the first response only.
  2. You can now allow creators of queries to edit the query due date, even if they do not have permissions to edit queries once they have been created.
  3. The Query Title and Query Number are now displayed in the header of the query edit screen.
  4. The default file names for queries that are printed to .pdf file have been shortened and clarified. They now consist of the query number and the current date.

2. Introduction of Automatic Date-Time Stamp for Attachments

From this release onwards, action and project attachments are date-time stamped automatically on upload. Note: existing attachments will not be date-times stamped retrospectively.

3. Introduction of 'Draft Mode' for Actions

A ‘Save as Draft’ button has been added to the action create screen. This button allows actions to be saved while they are still being worked on, so that the creator can come back to them at a later point in time. Saving an action as Draft prevents the action from being set in motion, and only the creator can access the action.

4. Introduction of Show/Hide Option for Query Responses

It is now possible to show/hide all responses to a query below the query on the main query list screen. This information can be printed and exported.

5. Introduction of 'Project Export' Feature

The ‘Project Export’ feature now allows download projects as .zip files. All action data and attachments for the projects and any sub-projects will be stored in a windows readable format for reference offline or after project close out.

6. Introduction of Hyperlinks in Query/Action Exports and Prints

Project Action Number hyperlinks are now included in action/query print/exports.


If you have any comments or queries about this release, please get in touch with  – we rely on your feedback to help us continually improve.

Our ATMS User Manual and ATMS Quick User Guide are always available to provide extra support.

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