‘Recipients’ are personnel who ‘receive’ a permit to perform the work. They belong to a Company and are selected from a dropdown menu at permit issue time.

Recipients do not need to have their own user accounts. They typically come on site to perform the work but are not involved in the permit approvals workflow.

If ‘signatures’ are used on permit issue, Recipients sign the permit in the presence of a Worksite Supervisor to confirm that they will perform the job as specified in the permit.

Recipients can receive automatic email notifications.

The Recipient List Screen

Admin > Recipients

The Recipient List Screen lists all Recipients (i.e. personnel who can be selected to perform a job), and their Companies.

Email addresses are optional – if they are present, the Recipient can receive automatic email notifications.

The list screen can be filtered by Company, and archived Recipients can be shown or hidden using the tick box.

From here, Administrators can create, edit and archive recipients.

Creating, Editing and Archiving Recipients

  1. On the Recipient List Screen click the ‘Create New’ button to create a new user, or the ‘Edit’ button to edit an existing user’s details. The User Edit Screen opens.
  2. Complete Recipient information as in the example below.
  3. Click the ‘Save’ Button to Save OR Click the ‘Back to List’ button to return to the List of Recipients without saving.
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