QMS – Glossary

  1. Browser – computer program for viewing web pages, and using QMS. Common examples are Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.
  2. Close-out – the end of the query lifecycle, after the ‘Query Response Completed’ checkbox has been checked. The query remains in the system for reference.
  3. Creator – the one who creates a query. They select the user they want to provide a query response.
  4. From – the query creator, the QMS user asking the question.
  5. Main Query Screen – the page displayed when you login to QMS. Contains the Query list.
  6. QMS – the Query Management System developed by Pisys.
  7. Query – the individual items tracked by QMS. You may have a different name for them.
  8. Query Description – the question being asked.
  9. Query list – the list of queries on the QMS Main Query Screen.
  10. Query Response – if the Query Description is the question, then this is the answer.
  11. To – the QMS user who must respond to the query; the one answering the question.
Using QMS - Process a Query