PTW Release

What’s new in PTW v1.5.0.6

The following is a list of enhancements that were implemented in Pisys PTW release

  1. PTW-1222 – Monthly Reporting. A modification has been made to the Permit to Work application for reporting of the number of Permits and Inspections in a monthly breakdown.
  2. PTW-1127 – Table Data. If there is unsaved data in a table for a permit, a warning that data will be lost when leaving the page has been put in place.
  3. PTW-1219 – Line breaks in multi-line text boxes in PTW. When a user inputs multiple lines inside a multi-line text box control (e.g., description, equipment, user created ones etc.) the PDF print out shows the line separation, but the online view does not.

The following is a list of internally identified modifications that were implemented in Pisys PTW release

  1. PTW-1224 – Ability to Print in either Portrait or Landscape format.
  2. PTW-1132 – When a Panel changes name, the new name needs to be shown at every screen that references it.
  3. PTW-1208 – What’s New in PTW link has been added to the footer.

The following is a list of bug fixes that were implemented in Pisys PTW release

  1. PTW-1223 – June Permits and Inspections do not appear in the new Monthly Permits/Inspections Report
  2. PTW-1220 – Non mandatory Risk Assessments set as mandatory when creating a permit.
  3. PTW-1221 – 400 Bad Request when an RA does not exist in TRMS for the selected site.
  4. PTW-1217 – Permit Allowance Emails
  5. PTW-1218 – Close screen Handback & Create Follow Up button.
  6. PTW-1215 – User cannot Reissue permit with error message: You are unable to sign this type of permit
  7. PTW-1216 – Double message appears when the Area manager needs to close a permit.
  8. PTW-1139 – Blank Permit Question Set copies over all the checkboxes from the main screen.
  9. PTW-1214 – Login screen server error when AzureAD is used in PTW.