Hot Work Permit to Work

What is a Hot Work Permit to work?

A Hot work permit to work , typically coloured red or red-edged, is generally applied to any type of work which involves actual or potential sources of ignition and which is done in an area where there may be a risk of fire or explosion, or which involves the emission of toxic fumes from the application of heat. They are normally used for any welding or flame cutting and for the use of any tools which may produce sparks. Hazardous activities like hot work must be managed safely and a core element of this is an effective management system.

What is a typical set of questions for a Permit?

A typical Hot Work Permit will include but not be limited to the following:

  1. Are personnel trained in the use of fire extinguishers?
  2. Have flammable liquids/ materials been removed from the area?
  3. Have gas cylinders been properly secured and inspected?
  4. Have relevant drains, sewers, vents been protected from sources of ignition?
  5. Has an atmosphere test for flammables proved to be satisfactory?
  6. Is continuous Gas monitoring required ?
  7. Confirm that the PGD has been calibrated?
  8. Does the task require a standby person to keep a fire watch?
  9. Does the task require a member of management to be in attendance ?
  10. Are you aware a mandatory 1 hr fire watch is required after the work is completed?
  11. Check the equipment before use.
  12. Are at least two fire extinguishers available?
  13. Have for fire blankets/ shielding being provided and in place ?
  14. Is there an operational water hose available?

Pisys Permit to work software helps you setup your Hot Work questions and keep track of your required contractor competencies using the Contractor Management Module. The system is fully user-configurable to match your specific needs, so field names and layouts can be added or modified as required.


Hot Work Permit with required contractor competencies.