Project Controls

As mentioned above there are two types of controls you can create, “Project” and “Action”. In this section we will look at Project Controls.

Additional information for projects can be stored by customising already provided Project Controls from the controls section.

ATMS™ have various built-in custom controls for projects which are disabled by default and a system administrator can enable/disable and customise them to suit their need.

To enable a project control, in the “Controls” administration screen, change the “Control Category” dropdown from its default view of “Action” to “Project”.

Here you will see a list of fixed controls as shown. You can customise any of these controls by double clicking on them. In the screenshot that follows we have used an existing Project Control and customised it to suit our needs.

Originally the control was named “Date1” and it was later changed to be called “Audit Date” to accommodate the needs of the project.

A user can make this a required field for the project edit screen by selecting the “Required” checkbox. If enabled, these custom project controls will appear on the “Additional Info” tab on the Project Screen as shown.

Add a New Control Type