Processing An Action

In the workflows mentioned in the previous section we focused on the stages and individuals involved while processing an action so let’s now see it in action.

When an action is raised, one or more individuals will receive a notification email depending on how the system has been configured. They will then log in to ATMS™ and open the action for which they are responsible, add any notes which may be required and indicate the completion of the stage.

The action then gets passed to the next approval level, with everyone indicating completion or rejection, until the action has been finally approved and closed out by the relevant lead.

If the system is configured to allow the Owner of the action to reassign actions, then they can reject any action and reassign them back to the Creator. They can leave an explanatory text either in the Action Notes or entered on the email preview page. Action status emails are sent to designated individuals with the Audit & Action Notes section automatically updated to reflect any status changes.

Let’s now look at an example. An action has been created and assigned to “StrategyCreator1”. It has a status of: Open for Strategy Response. A new action will have this status and it will be outstanding on Strategy Creator to complete the Strategic Response.

Let’s have a look at what “StrategyCreator1” sees when they log in to ATMS™. Once logged in “StrategyCreator1” double clicks on the action that requires their attention to view it.

The Basics Tab tells “StrategyCreator1” what they need to do. At this stage they will need to complete the strategy response so that the action can move on to the next person in line. They can consult the “Attachments” tab to see any supporting files and they can also look at the “Audit” tab to see both the history of the action and any changes made to any of the fields or action status.

Once “StrategyCreator1” has completed their work they can mark the strategy response as complete and enter a comment in the strategy response text field. They then click on the “Save” button which will automatically generate an email to the next designated strategic action reviewer.

“StrategyCreator1” has indicated that they have completed all work on the action they were assigned, and that the action response is complete - it must now be signed off by the rest of the people in the list of strategic reviewers and reviewers - in this case “QC Strategic Reviewer01”.

Depending on how the mailer has been configured, “QC Strategic Reviewer01” will get an email telling them that an action requires their attention, and when they log into the system they will see the action.

An example of the email is shown below. However, all email types can be edited to change their heading, body and footer so depending on how your ATMS™ instance is configured emails may look different in your system.

Now let’s have a look at what “QC Strategic Reviewer01” sees when they log in to ATMS™. Once logged in “QC Strategic Reviewer01” double clicks on the action that requires their attention to view it.

The action now has a status of: Strategic Response Completed – An action will have this status after the Strategy Creator has completed the Strategic Response. It will be outstanding on Strategic Reviewer 1 to approve or reject it.

“QC Strategic Reviewer01” can see that “StrategyCreator1” has entered some text in the strategy response field describing what they have done to complete the action. “QC Strategic Reviewer01” can now decide whether to approve or reject the action. Let’s assume they are not satisfied with the work done and they want “StrategyCreator1” to re-do some of the task. “QC Strategic Reviewer01” selects the “Reject” radio button and enters comments as to why they are rejecting the action at this point.

This will send an email to “StrategyCreator1” telling them about the rejection and it will set the action status to Re-Opened for Strategic Response – An action will have this status if any of the Strategic Reviewers reject it. It will be outstanding on Strategy Creator to update/complete the Strategic Response.

“StrategyCreator1” must then revisit the action and repeat the process until “QC Strategic Reviewer01” is satisfied. Depending on how many people are involved in the review process, “QC Strategic Reviewer01’s” approval of the action will generate an email to the next person in the chain and so on until it reaches the person responsible for final approval.

Rejection of the action at any stage will lead to the status being reset to Re-Opened for Strategic Response or Re-Opened for Action Response and sent back to the beginning of the chain for re-work.

No Strategic Review or Strategic Response