Poor speling costs jobs

It was a marketing role and my big mistake was to reveal my passion for ‘excellent written and spoken English’ – if only I wasn’t such a stickler for spelling and grammar I would probably have had someone in post by now – it’s only marketing after all, what do a few typos matter here and there.

Most of the candidates seemed in all other respects to be well qualified, but the ones I’m describing lacked the insight to understand that: 1. If you see a specific requirement in a job description you should address it in your application, and 2. Free, automatic spell checking is widely available.

Maybe my 100% failure rate so far should encourage my standards to drop a bit – after all it is only marketing…

I’m not sure it’s a new problem, it just seemed that somehow all these people with marketing qualifications had been through some kind of educational program which left out the crucial stuff that many employers will use as the basis for summary rejection before they get a chance to dazzle them at interview. I was never going to interview 20+ people so I needed a way of whittling down the list – I just never expected to be left with a pile of sawdust and no pointy stick..

I used to have an attention span
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