Fair cop - It's not really a 'proper' network. It's taken me a long time to assemble a group of friends who are business contacts, business contacts who are friends, Continue Reading → Read more
My first job as a software developer was copying hundreds of charts in an airless lightless room using a dastardly machine called a dyeline copier - I wasn't totally sure Continue Reading → Read more
I used to talk about the 3 C's - ' Character, Competence and Chemistry' when we hired people. It trips off the tongue and there's nothing fundamentally wrong with wanting Continue Reading → Read more
Tactics are what I am doing this morning, Strategy is the afternoon... I'm really not knocking plans. Broadly speaking I think you should have an idea of where you are Continue Reading → Read more
We used to have a simple model, build a product, sell it, build another .. rinse and repeat. When we 'accidentally' got into the education market with a pretty neat Continue Reading → Read more
A while ago I was listening to an interview with Phil Libin, former Evernote CEO - quite an inspiring guy and one thing that resonated with me was that he Continue Reading → Read more
'Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity' - You've probably heard this snippet of business wisdom and as a bit of common sense there's nothing too awful about it, but it's Continue Reading → Read more
Ever since I got my first penknife from my Dad at a single digit age I wanted a Swiss Army knife - I overshot in my late pre-teens by buying Continue Reading → Read more
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This month we moved all our hosted web applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS) – we’d been hosting in a ‘conventional’ data centre since the turn of the century and Continue Reading → Read more
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Let’s start with my limitations – I don’t really know what it’s like to have a proper job – I’ve been running this business since 1988 and I love it Continue Reading → Read more
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It will be a dark day for IT when we run out of TLA’s (three letter acronymns) so I felt it was essential to give a few of them another Continue Reading → Read more
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I’ve been to all kinds of networking events – posh expensive ones in posh expensive hotels, quirky ones in pubs, regular ones, irregular ones, expensive, cheap .. and it has Continue Reading → Read more
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by Rowland Gault Pisys are a 30-odd-year-old Scottish software company. We don’t just develop software – we also develop hardware for our trainiing simulators. We have recently had our ISO Continue Reading → Read more
Don’t bite my head off for saying this but I reckon Santa has it pretty easy. I mean, he gets the whole year to sort out his toy stock – Continue Reading → Read more
We have a very flat company structure – it wasn’t our intention but it has turned out to be a good thing for us. It’s not perfect but it works Continue Reading → Read more
Santa delivering presents into a chimney - Pisys Permit to Work required
Aberdeen. Santa Claus has visited the Pisys Techhub for a catch-up with his favourite techies, and to get his iPad ready for another busy Christmas Eve. He tells us: “With Continue Reading → Read more
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Aberdeen. One of our MEM Simulator Suites is getting ready for its long journey to Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The Customer is Tolmann Allied Services, a leading International Risk Management Safety Continue Reading → Read more
I can clearly remember the ‘birth’ of Pisys. I’d been working for a small offshore survey company, as part of the software development team and we had been riding out Continue Reading → Read more
(Peter Benton our product manager describes his experiences of starting with Pisys) Some things are etched on your mind forever. Like taking your child to their first day of school. Continue Reading → Read more
‘Cyber essentials’ is a great name for an IT security standard, it has enough Dr Who/Trekkie overtones to persuade the non-techies amongst us that it is really important, which it Continue Reading → Read more
In the 80’s there was a comedy show called ‘Not the nine o clock news’ which was fantastically politically incorrect – one of its most outrageous sketches involved an assessor Continue Reading → Read more
I just returned from a very non-business trip to Hawaii.  We’d been following the news about the volcanic eruption in the South and every day brought more doom and gloom Continue Reading → Read more
Ok – thats a little harsh – I might find your idea interesting, amusing, even inspiring. But… to turn that idea into a business takes time, effort and resource – Continue Reading → Read more
It was a marketing role and my big mistake was to reveal my passion for ‘excellent written and spoken English’ – if only I wasn’t such a stickler for spelling Continue Reading → Read more
I was sitting in a meeting with my business partner this week and we were pondering the good old days when we were both able to spend concentrated periods of Continue Reading → Read more
Since 1996, the Wayback Machine has been archiving cached pages of websites, unfortunately for Pisys this means that we can’t pretend that we never tried to launch an online food Continue Reading → Read more
I always harboured a desire to work in a music shop. Music shop guys were cool – especially the ones who could make a £50 guitar sound like the most Continue Reading → Read more
Dongles and parallel printer ports – not words you often hear together these days. Back in the 90’s dongles were quite different to the tiny easily lost flecks of plastic Continue Reading → Read more
1988 was an interesting year – here are a few of the highlights Read more
Taking on a bespoke development project can be an adventure Read more
When I started my IT career in the 80’s there were a few different programming languages to choose from. There was no or code academy – just books and Continue Reading → Read more