Pipeline Construction Project Chooses ATMS for Risk Management

Gas Pipeline

Case Study: This customer leads the construction of a new natural gas pipeline spanning 1850 km from Azerbaijan to Europe. Multiple international stakeholders are involved. The company chose ATMS as their Risk Management Tool and now benefits from unified risk management across the whole construction project, regardless of location, cross-country legislation, project phase, stakeholder company and different contractors' internal management systems.

Risk Management and Safer Working With ATMS Risk Matrix

Due to the large number of people working on the project and its wide geographical area risk management had to be unified and all relevant information managed centrally so that all stakeholders could access all relevant information from anywhere, at any time.

To enable information sharing, Pisys ATMS Action Tracker was introduced.

To help unify the risk management process among all project teams, the customer introduces the use of Risk Matrices across all teams. Pisys built a ‘risk matrix’ functionality into ATMS, which allows users to set up custom matrices to suit their needs. Many engineers were already familiar with risk matrices, and. did not have to learn a new approach - this saved on training times and associated costs.

Risk Matrix used for Risk Management

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