Permit To Work Layouts


Permit Board

Layouts > Permit Board

The Permit Board shows all current permits and their work areas at a glance. It’s a tool for managing concurrent jobs, and it is modelled on real-life permit boards found in site offices. Permits are colour coded, as before.

From here, users can:

  • Open, view and hand back permits
  • Add spot check details
  • Download permits in pdf format
  • Print the permit for display at the site
  • View associated certificates, e.g. entry certificates.

The Permit Board screen also shows:

  • All permits that have been approved, but work has not yet started.
  • All permits that have expired and require hand back.

If a permit has expired, but the work is not complete, follow-up permits can be created from here.



Plot Plan

Layouts > Plot Plan

Plot Plans show current permits as colour-coded dots in their location. Flashing dots indicate that the permit has expired and requires hand-back.

  • To view the permit title, hover over a dot.
  • To view the permit’s description and validity dates, click on the dot.

This opens the popup information box.

Permits for areas which are not on the plot plan are listed in the ‘Not on Map’ section at the bottom of the screen.

The Permit Popup Information Box

Clicking on a permit dot opens the Permit Popup Information Box.

From here, users can:

  • Click ‘view’ to open the permit and access all associated actions for the permit (e.g. sign in, hand back)
  • Click ‘move position’ to move the dot to a more exact location.
  • Click ‘X’ in the top right corner to close the Popup

Moving the Permit Dot

Click on the dot in the Permit Popup Information Box (see above), click ‘Move Position’, then click the plot plan where the dot should be displayed instead.

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