Permit Sign Rights

Permit Sign Rights define what users can see and are authorised to do in the PTW system, e.g. see the Management Statistics, create, approve or hand back permits.

Each user is assigned a Permit Sign Right, e.g. Authorised Engineer, External Contractor, View Only.

For example: User Joe Bloggs has been assigned the ‘Authorised Engineer’ Permit Sign Right. This means that Joe Bloggs can create, edit and reject permits, but he is not allowed to approve any special permits,

For more information on user setup and how to assign Permit Sign Rights to users see the section on Creating, Editing and Archiving Users.

The Permit Sign List Screen

Admin > Permit Sign Rights

The Permit Sign List Screen shows all Permit Sign Rights. From this screen, Administrators can:

  • Create new Permit Sign Rights
  • Edit existing Permit Sign Rights
  • Delete Permit Sign Rights, if they have not yet been allocated to any users

Creating and Editing Permit Sign Rights

Admin > Permit Sign Rights > ‘Create New’ or ‘Edit’ button

  1. In the Permit Sign Rights Edit Screen, tick the appropriate boxes for this Permit Sign Right, see examples below.
  2. Click the Save Button to save.

Click the ‘Back to List’ Button to return to the Permit Sign List without saving.

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