Panels and Controls Screen

The Panels and Controls Screen

Admin > Questions

Admin > Questions

PTW Administrators can control the look and contents of the Permit Creation Form here. Administrators can:

· Enforce version control over question sets, and control what questions sets are available at Permit Creation time.

· Create, edit and archive different versions.

· Create, edit and delete permit questions.

· Set up answer types for permit questions (e.g. dropdown lists, freeform text, dates)

· Configure Panels

· Make questions and Panels mandatory or optional on the permit form

· Hide Panels so they do not appear on the permit form

· Change the order of Questions and Panels on the Permit form

· Set the validity period for permits created for each panel.

· Set up custom colouring for Panels, Questions and dropdown menus.

· Change the terminology on the ‘Issue Permit’ and ‘Handback Permit’ screens.

· Enable/disable the built-in workflows (e.g. suspend/re-instate, approve/reject)

· Print permit forms – to use as a backup when the electronic permit creation form is not available at a worksite.

· Export all permit questions to Excel when it’s time for a review.

The Panels and Control Screen can be divided into 4 sections, see screenshot below:

1. Version Management

2. Panel Order

3. Panel Setup

4. Question Setup


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