Our flat world works fine

We have a very flat company structure – it wasn’t our intention but it has turned out to be a good thing for us. It’s not perfect but it works – here are the pro’s and cons

Flat is good – Developers get to speak directly to customers

Flat can be difficult – Sometimes developers get distracted by customers

Flat is good – Communication is quick and easy because you can get directly to the person you need to talk to

Flat can be difficult – Sometimes communication gets a bit blurred because too many people get involved in the conversation

Flat is good – We all get to do a little bit of everything, (my specialty is more or less anything to do with fixing the toilet)

Flat can be difficult – Sometimes stuff falls into the cracks ( no toilet metaphor in play)

Flat is good – we all know when problems are happening and we pull together to fix them

And – we all know when things are going well and we join together to celebrate 

One of the challenges we face when bringing on a new member of staff is to explain the structure ( or lack of ) – a by-product of having ‘light’ middle management is that an employee will have a range of responsibilities, possibly including things they never imagined they would be doing, for example- engineers produce quotes, build systems, support customers, help with marketing, train users, help with pre-sales.. etc.

It’s fair to say that lots of people who we talk to about working for us ‘get’ this and a few don’t, but generally the feedback we get from our team is that they like the range of activity they’re involved with.

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