OTS – Operations Training Simulator

Real Scenarios, better Results

A powerful training tool for senior managers in any industry who need confidence that their staff are competent. An Innovative training tool that fully, flexibly and accurately presents real operational environments, ensuring better competence in working in real operational scenarios, thereby maximising return on training investment.

Download our OTS Brochure here.

The Range of Pisys Operations Training Simulators

Some of our simulators are listed below. Since our modelling tools allow us to create any environment please contact us if you can't see what you need here.

Major Emergency Management /Control Room Operation

The world's most widely used Major Emergency Management (MEM) & CRO simulator. Fully featured for training in MEM/MOME Initial Response, CRO (Control Room Operator) Emergency Response, OIM Training.

Cloud Based MEM/Incident Manager Training

Without requiring candidates to be on-site our virtual control room provides an authentic environment, with full interaction with other participants/instructors via our unique comms system. Simulate major emergencies and incidents with our highly realistic system.

Power Generation

Simulate turbines and control systems, train power station staff in routine operation and emergency response.

Jack-Up Training

An incredibly realistic simulator allowing familiarisation with marine operations relating to self-elevating platforms. We've included a Rig Move scenario below

FPSO Training

For sheer complexity we think our FPSO simulator is our most realistic and advanced marine model. We combined production, Fire and gas and other key FPSO systems with an incredibly realistic stability and mooring system which allows trainees to experience the full effect of loading, weather and anchor issues on the operation of the vessel.

Semi-submersible training

A highly realistic model of a typical semi-submersible, allowing additional stability training to be undertaken

One of our immersive installations at Transocean Drilling - the addition of a moving platform environment allows for realistic stability management training to be undertaken in conjunction with MEM/CRO activity