Offline Data Tab

The "Project Export" feature allows download projects as .zip files. All action data and attachments for the projects and any sub-projects will be stored in a windows readable format for reference offline or after project close out.

To export a project you have to select it from the Project drop down. Only one project at a time can be exported.

If a project has child projects then they will need to be selected separately for export.

Once a project has been selected the screen will be updated to reflect the changes. The number of any project attachments or action attachments will be shown together with the number of available actions in the project.

Click on the Write Offline Data button to start the export of your data.

A .zip folder will be generated by the system and it will have the name of the Project that was exported.

The zip folder will in turn include a separate folder for each Action and inside each of the Action folders you will have the pdf of the action and any attachments the action had.