Not my Job Spec..

My first job as a software developer was copying hundreds of charts in an airless lightless room using a dastardly machine called a dyeline copier - I wasn't totally sure how it worked but ammonia and various other chemicals were a big component and it wasn't a pleasant environment. I quickly moved from there to photocopying proposals for the sales team and at some point I sat down and wrote some code.

I'm not advocating exposure to potentially carcinogenic fumes as an alternative to programming computers, but looking back through the lens of hindsight I think it was a useful beginning. Turning up and willingly doing a job even though it was a bit dull and (potentially) dangerous did get me used to the idea that sometimes you just have to get on with it, and things will eventually get better.

Recently I was listening to a podcast about hiring staff, and a lot of it centred on picking people who show a predisposition to work - any kind of work really, in the belief that if you get someone who is wired up to 'just get on with it' they will be coachable to the role you need them for. Now, I wouldn't suggest relying solely on a good work ethic when making a hiring decision but I certainly wouldn't advocate hiring someone without one.

Pisys hire great people and build great software - we no longer have a photocopier.

It's not about the CV
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