Matrix Tab

Pisys built a risk matrix functionality into ATMS™, which allows users to set up custom matrices to suit their needs. Many engineers are already familiar with risk matrices, and will not have to learn a new approach - this saves on training times and associated costs.

The Matrix Tab in ATMS™ can be configured by the user to add matrices for a number of procedures. The Matrix Tab is not visible by default so please contact Pisys Support if you would like it to add to your ATMS™ instance.

Add New Matrix

To add a new Matrix simply navigate to the Matrix Tab and click on Add Matrix button as shown below. You also have the ability to Copy a Matrix that was used in the past and just make changes to it.

A Matrix is an 8x8 grid. The user will have to first define the:

  • Matrix Name
  • Number of Rows
  • Number of Columns
  • Matrix XAxis Title and
  • Matrix YAxis Title

before they are able to define the grid. As you can see from the picture below the Define Matrix Grid button is greyed out. It will only become availabe once a Matrix has been Saved to the System.

Once a Matrix has been Saved to the System it can then be defined by a user to capture information relevant to their projetcs. The image below shows a Risk Matrix as an example.

Once set and defined Matrices can then be selected for use by a Project on the Project Edit screen as shown.

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