Major new feature release v5 is now live

We’ve been working hard for the last 12 months to bring some major new functionality to ATMS

We’ve included a summary below – along with some news about a change to the way you’ll access the system


The old domain is used by all our applications and to be honest, ATMS really needed it’s ‘own’ one a while back ! – so we’ve decided to start using – don’t panic though, we’ll roll this out gradually and we’ll let your system admins know in plenty of time so they can get the new link bedded in.


Projects and Sub-Projects

Previously, the projects in the system could have at most one level of nesting. A project could be a sub-project of another project. Now you can nest projects to any level, and the new administration screen for projects will provide a tree view for organising your projects.


As well as the existing companies and departments for organising users, we have added teams. Teams are a flexible addition to your organisation model. Users from different companies and departments can be added into the same team, and a user can be a member of multiple teams. The real power of teams comes in with the new Project Visibility screen, below.


Another reworked administration screen, which replaces the Companies and Departments screens. Now we have a tree view showing all companies, departments, teams and users in your organisation.

Project Visibility

The administration of which users can see which projects has received a major overhaul, due to a more flexible system, bringing together the new project and organisation trees. Here you can manage which projects a particular company, department, team or individual user can see, or select a project and manage who all in your organisation can see it.

Control Groups

To allow for greater flexibility for modelling a wider range of projects in the system, we have introduced control groups. You may be familiar with the set of controls (and additional user-created custom controls) available in the system. These controls can be renamed, resized, and reordered on actions. This set of controls applied system-wide. Now with control groups, the whole set of controls can be duplicated and managed as separate complete groups of controls. With multiple control groups available, new projects (and therefore actions) can use a different control group, allowing for completely different naming and ordering of controls, and separate user defined controls, if desired.

The most visible result of this is that you can have different action edit screens for different projects, and the system generated email settings can also be tailored for different projects.

So – you can now host totally different data collection forms in the same system – e.g. incident management alongside HAZOP tracking !


Categories and Sub-Categories

In addition to the existing Category control, we have added Sub-Categories. As the name suggests these will be further lists with Category as a parent. These will be available as main action list screen filters and apply across all control groups i.e. system wide. Very useful to filter your list of actions if you’re looking at a top level project, across multiple control groups.


Sub Actions

Now you can create sub actions which provide a hierarchy based relationship between actions where one action can have one or more sub-actions and each of its sub-actions can have one or more sub-actions and so on.  A new status “Awaiting Sub Action Closure” will be added into the system. If the review cycle of a parent action is complete then it will not close and its status will become ”Awaiting Sub Action closure” until all of its children and grandchildren and so on actions are closed out. The ‘Linked action’ functionality is still there.

Other Features

  • Improved searching and filtering on user administration screen
  • Improved colour coding to clearly show closed actions on the main action list screen.
  • The action list screen filters can be hidden to give more space to the actions themselves.
  • Reports can be filtered by companies, departments and teams.
  • Reports now have an improved, consistent look.
  • DropDown custom controls can now have a default value specified.
  • Treeview custom controls can now be created.
  • Actions can now be copied.
  • Two additional pre-approval stages are available for Actions.


New System-Wide Settings Available

  • Rejection Comments – When an action is rejected, a text area will appear to allow comments to be added. These comments will appear on the email generated by the rejection.

Default: OFF

  • All Company Projects Visible to New User – New users automatically have visibility on their companies’ projects. This can now be switched off so no automatic visibility is given, and is granted manually via the Project Visibility screen.

Default: ON

  • New Projects visible to Parent Company – New projects are automatically visible to everyone in the parent company. Now this is an option too so visibility can be handled manually.

Default: ON

  • Show Non-visible Project Names – Hide all details, including names, of projects to users who don’t have visibility on those projects. A placeholder of fixed length ‘******’s will appear in any project tree

Default: OFF

  • Allow Inter-Project Linked Actions – Allow actions from different projects to be linked

Default: ON

  • Allow Inter-Project Sub Actions – Allow actions from different projects to be dependent.

Default: ON

Changed ‘rejection comments’ to ‘review comments’ on action screen.

Review Comments – When an action is approved/rejected, a text area will appear to allow comments to be added. These comments will appear on a tab on action edit screen.


Please contact us if you need any more information on the new features – we’re rolling out the system gradually and we’ll be in touch with system admins to ensure a smooth transition.

ATMS 4.3 update
Update! ATMS v5.0.3 released