Issuing Permits

Permits can be issued on a desktop computer, or at the worksite using a smartphone/tablet, and can include signatures from the permit issuer and the person performing the work., if the ‘Signature’ feature is enabled.

The person performing the work and the permit issuer must be present at permit issue.

Instructions below are for the Permit Issuer:

  1. In the Home Screen or Permit List, click the ‘View’ button next to the permit you want to issue. The Permit Details Screen opens.
  2. Click the ‘Issue Permit’ Button at the bottom of the screen. The Permit Authorisation – Issue Screen opens.
  3. Check the list of alerts in the top right corner of the Permit Authorisation screen for other permits have already been issued for the same work area.
    Is it safe to issue this permit?
  • If NO, click the ‘Return’ button to return to the Permit Details Screen without issuing.
  • If YES, continue with the steps below.
  1. Select the name of the person who will carry out the work from the ‘Task Performed By’ dropdown list. If the person is not listed in the dropdown, click ‘Add New’ and enter their name. Add their email address, if they should receive automatic email notification.
  2. Select an ‘Issue From Date’ and ‘Issue To Date’ and corresponding times. Make the ‘Issue To’ time is a few minutes in the future, to give you time to add the signatures.
  3. Ask the person performing the work to sign the ‘Received By’ box and sign the ‘Permit Issuer’ box yourself.
  4. Print names below signatures.
  5. If required, enter a contact telephone number.
  6. To send an automatic email notification when the permit is issued, tick the ‘performed by’ or ‘issuer’ boxes to send the notification to the person selected in ‘Task Performed By’ and yourself, and add additional email addresses into the text box.
  7. Re-enter your password.
  8. Click the ‘Issue Permit’ button to issue the Permit, OR

Click the ‘Issue Permit & Sign into Permit’ button to add signatures from additional personnel, OR
Click the ‘Return’ button to return to the Permit Details Screen without issuing.

  1. The newly issued permit is now displayed in one of the following lists:
    1. on the Permit List Screen with the Status as ‘Issued’,
    2. on the Home Screen under the heading ‘Permits – Issued’
    3. on the Permit Board under the heading ‘Permits – Issued not Started’ if the ‘Issue From Date / Time’ is in the future
    4. on the Virtual Permit Board once the ‘Issued From Date / Time’ has been reached.
    5. on the Plot Plan as a coloured dot – once the ‘Issued From Date / Time’ has been reached.
    6. on the Google Map view – once the ‘Issued From Date / Time’ has been reached.
  2. The Permit is also included in the Management Statistics.
Approving / Rejecting Permits
Suspending and Re-instating Permits