Isolations Menu Bar: Isolations Screen

The Isolations Screen

Isolations > Isolations List

The Isolations List shows all isolations in the system, and their status.

From here, users can:

  • View and edit current isolations
  • Create new isolations and submit them for approval
  • Search for isolations by area and/or status
  • Export the Isolations list to Excel.


The Isolations Details Screen

Isolations > Isolations List

The ‘View’ button next to an isolation (see screenshot above) opens the Isolations Detail Screen.

This screen shows:

  • Details of the work which requires the isolation, including the work area.
  • A ‘Details’ table of all isolations required for the work:
    • Isolation type (e.g. electrical, mechanical, process)
    • Current isolation point status (e.g. locked closed, locked open, unlocked)
    • Required position and de-isolated position (e.g. closed, isolated, labelled, locked open)
    • A cross-reference to the physical lock
  • A list of permits connected to this isolation.
  • The names of people involved with the Isolation (e.g. creator, requester, approver, isolating authority)
  • Signatures of key people (if this has been enabled by Pisys – contact for more information)
  • The status of each isolation (e.g. created, approved, de-isolated)

Buttons at the bottom of the Isolations Details Screen allow users to manage isolations information and the isolations workflow. – Different buttons are available depending on user access levels and the isolation workflow stage.

The Long-Term Isolation Register

Isolations > Long Term Register

The Long-Term Isolations Register shows information all long-term isolations, including the date the isolation was approved last.

  • To open the isolation, click the ‘View’ button
  • To export the register to Excel, click the ‘Export Excel’ button. The Excel file is downloaded and can be saved on the user’s computer.

All isolations in the Long-Term Isolations Register are colour-coded to indicate whether they require to be re-confirmed.
The validity period for and expiry period for long-term isolations can be set up by Administrators.

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