Isolations Introduction


This manual describes the key elements of Pisys Isolations. It assumes reasonable IT skills and an understanding of how isolations are raised and managed within the organisation.
Our development cycle is driven by what our customers tell us - so if there’s something you feel that should be there, or something that’s not quite working the way you need it to, please let us know.


‘Isolations’ is an add-on module in the PTW system for keeping track of physical isolations, which have been, or are planned to be, put in place at the worksite using a hardware lock-out/tag-out system.

The module’s main benefit to a company is access to vital isolation information, from anywhere with an internet/phone signal – not just the office where the LOTO boxes and isolation lists are kept.

  • Each isolation can have several isolation points, with associated tag numbers.
  • The isolation sequence of isolation points can also be captured.
  • Isolations go through a similar approvals workflow as Permits, and a history is generated automatically.
  • At each approval stage, automatic emails notifications can be sent.
  • Isolations can be moved into long-term isolation.
  • Sanction to Test is an optional stage in the de-isolation workflow.
  • Isolations can be linked to Permits. Many permits can relate to a single isolation.
  • Each Isolation can be visualised on the Plot Plan as a yellow X for isolation (As shown below in the middle of Bakery 1) and orange X for long term isolation.
  • Configurable security allows a high degree of control over access levels and allows selected permits to be restricted to defined companies or individuals within companies.
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