Isolation Rights

Isolation Rights define what users are authorised to do in the PTW Isolations Module, e.g. create or approve isolations, request or approve sanction to test.

  • Each user is assigned an Isolation Right/User Role, e.g. Issuing Authority, Person in Charge, Responsible Person.
  • Each Isolation Right has a set of user rights associated with it – e.g. ‘can create isolation’ or ‘can approve long-term isolation’, as in the screenshot – The Isolation Right Edit Screen.



The Isolation Right List

Admin > Isolation Rights

The Isolation Rights List Screen opens. It shows all Isolation Rights.

From this screen, Administrators can:

  • Create new Isolation Rights
  • Edit existing Isolation Rights
  • Delete Isolation Rights, if they have not yet been allocated to any users


Creating and Editing Isolation Rights

Admin > Isolation Rights > ‘Create New’ or ‘Edit’ button

  1. In the Isolation Right Edit Screen, tick the appropriate boxes for this Permit Sign Right, see examples below.
  2. Click the Save Button to save OR Click the ‘Back to List’ Button to return to the Permit Sign List without saving.



Allocating Isolation Rights to User

  1. Decide on an ‘Isolations Right’ for the user for each area or create a new Isolation Right with the desired combination of rights in the Admin > Isolation Rights.
  2. In the User Edit Screen (Admin > Users > Edit), select an ‘Isolation Right’ for this user for each of the sites at the bottom of the screen.

The example screenshot above shows that the user Chrissie Barclay has been given the ‘Issuing Authority’ Rights for Isolations.

Looking at the screenshot of the Isolation Right Edit Screen, we can see all rights that the ‘Issuing Authority’ has – i.e. carry out all isolations actions except for requesting de-isolations and long-term isolations.

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