Introduction to Permit To Work


This manual describes the key elements of Permit to Work (PTW)™. It assumes reasonable IT skills and an understanding of how permits are raised and managed within the organisation.

Our development cycle is driven by what our customers tell us - so if there’s something you feel that should be there, or something that’s not quite working the way you need it to, please let us know.


Permit to Work (PTW)™ allows permits to be raised and managed within a simple web-based interface. The basic principle behind PTW™ is that an individual creates a permit to be worked on by someone else who in turn does some work with it before indicating that it is complete. The Permit is then handed back and closed.

An unlimited number of people can get involved in the permit lifecycle, each with the ability to issue, approve, suspend or reject the permit. Permits carry a comprehensive set of information plus any required file attachments and an audit trail showing the various stages in the approval process.

An email system keeps everyone informed about the status of permits, and a powerful reminder system ensures that the appropriate people are informed about permits reaching their due dates.

Configurable security allows a high degree of control over access levels and allows selected permits to be restricted to defined companies or individuals within companies.

PTW™ is an off-the-shelf product that is available at short notice. It is intuitive and easy to learn, highly customisable to your needs as it can use your company’s terminology and systems. PTW™ is useable anywhere – use computer, mobile or iPad to collaborate, manage, sign off and view your permits from anywhere.

Permit To Work Administration