Importing Actions

This function allows you to import a CSV file, a useful feature which allows off-site data to be quickly captured in ATMS™.

To import actions, first click on the “Import Actions” button of the toolbar.


To avoid mistakes and erroneous data getting into the system it is advisable to download a blank template prior to using the import functionality. The template will be a CSV file pre-populated with the field names already configured in the administration/controls section of ATMS™.

In the Import Actions Screen select a Project so that the “Download Blank Template” button becomes enabled. Click on the button and a windows dialog will pop up asking you to Open or Save the file.

Save your file locally. This will download a template specific to the selected project and the control group used by it. We will talk about Control groups at the Administration section of this user guide.  

This means that all the field names already configured in the administration/controls section of ATMS™ will be pre-populated in the downloaded file.

Once you have captured the required data in your CSV file go back to the Import Actions Screen and select the project to which you want actions to be added. You should also select a default user to whom all unassigned actions will be assigned – in case no match can be made with user names in the CSV file (it happens!).

Browse to the CSV file you have populated and click the “Upload” button. The system will now run a check on the validity of the data file. If the file is valid the information panel will display details of the number of actions, projects and new companies which it has found in the file, but if errors were found a list of these errors will be displayed. Fix any errors and repeat this process before proceeding. If the file is valid, the “Import” button will be enabled - click this button to perform the data import.

If you want ATMS™ to email the users responsible for each imported action (Actionees) then select the “Send E-mail to Actionees?” radio button under Import Options.

If you add new fields to a control group in the system you can generate a template to capture these at any time by clicking again on the “Download Blank Template”.

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