How It Works

How It Works

The Pen

Digital pen and paper based on Anoto technology is like any normal pen and paper in terms of usage but the digital pen houses a sophisticated array of technology that includes an infrared camera, an image processor, a wireless Bluetooth™ receiver and, of course, a ball point ink cartridge.

When used with the digital paper, which is ordinary paper printed with the near invisible innovative Anoto™ dot pattern, handwriting and numeric information is recorded by the pen. The digital pen uses this unique pattern to help calculate the pen strokes and store this information digitally. Once in the digital domain the information created can be used by any database or software application as required.

The Digital Bit

When a form or document is complete, the data can be sent by ticking the programmed “send” box printed on the paper. This action transmits the document via GPRS or Bluetooth™. In as little as 20 seconds the data can reach the destination of choice providing an instant digital version of the document whilst still retaining the original handwritten copy. For security, end-to-end cryptography ensures that the data is encrypted within the pen before transmission.

If transmission isn’t possible, then the pen can store up to 40 A4 pages of data which can be downloaded to a PC via the pen’s docking station or transmitted in the future.

For many applications, just receiving a digital picture of the form or document is enough. However, sophisticated Intelligent Character Recognition [ICR], which can enable handwriting to be turned into editable text, is also available. This feature is extremely useful if notes and documents require later amendments or need to be used to populate a back-office database.