HAZOP Action Tracker

  • Allocate actions to any required participant
  • Restrict action visibility to those who need to see them
  • Allow multiple review stages with accept/reject plus review comments
  • Keep stakeholders informed as actions progress
  • Action audit history is stored with each action
  • Attach additional information or evidence to actions
  • Capture additional information according to your specific requirements
  • Operate OFFLINE with lightweight templates and upload when you're back in the office - ideal for offsite studies
  • If you're a busy Chairman or scribe you've got enough on your plate without worrying about how HAZOP or HAZID ( or any other review type) actions are being recorded and managed

    EXCEL is really great for recording actions - but pretty unhelpful when you find you've got multiple actions with different deadlines and multiple review stages

    The Pisys HAZOP tracker (ATMS) provides a CENTRALISED and STRUCTURED way of recording and managing actions

    You'd expect a HAZOP tracker to include Elements, Nodes, Risks, Causes, Consequences, Deviations, Safeguards etc - but what if you need to record a specific external document reference or e.g. an attachment showing a P&ID. With the Pisys HAZOP tracker you can quickly add fields to capture just about any type of data you need