Go Forth and Close Actions

People close actions - systems support the people. A good action management system should stay out of the way as much as possible - we've never met anyone whose day job was 'action closer' - you've all got other stuff to do.

Keys to a good user experience are:

  • Users see only what they need to see
  • All the information needed is readily available – this might include documents or drawings as well as the key detail of the action.
  • Collaboration is easy – a workflow should allow actions to be signed off
  • Changes are instantly visible
  • All changes made are easily auditable
  • That last one is critical - having a good audit trail is good practice, but it's also implicit in just about every piece of legislation governing how organizations operate.

    There’s a lot of other stuff we could have covered here – reporting is always a major requirement and we just don’t have the space to list all the ways that spreadsheets aren’t very good at that.
    Customisation is often a dirty word – organisations have different ways of defining their actions and workflows and ideally any system you use should be capable of being tailored by you, out of the box, without having to reopen negotiations with an expensive software vendor every time you need a change.

    I hope you enjoyed this 'fly by' - If you're interested in finding out more about what Pisys could do to help you manage actions more effectively we'd be happy to show you our rather lovely Action Tracker which has been used for High Governance action tracking since the turn of the century !