Edit a Mail Type

A user cannot create a new Mail Type, just alter existing ones to suit the needs of their projects. The “Edit E-Mail Screen” allows the administrator to customise how workflow email notifications are sent.

For example, if a user wants to change the subject/header or footer of an e-mail which is sent went a new action is created all they must do is double click on the relevant mail type (Message sent on creation of new action) from the “Mail Type Description” list and this will open it for editing in the “Mail Edit Screen” as shown.

This screen describes what happens when a new action is created - the subject line, description and footer are all included in the email which is eventually sent on action creation.

For each mail type a user can also specify which control from the action is included in the subject line and body of the email, and in which order.

Single line text fields can be assigned to the subject line and/or email body by selecting the sort order to control where they appear. Multi line text boxes (like action summary) can only be displayed in the email body. A user can control who receives emails when an action is created. This is done in the “Distribution” tab.

In this tab a user can select another user from the review chain to be notified when a new action will be created. This can be another user in addition to the next responsible person of the workflow. Remember that ATMS™ has a built-in workflow which allows selected users to be informed when key events take place. External email addresses can also be specified which are not set up for any of the action participants.

Mail Tab