Directional Drilling Training Simulator

DDSIM is a PC based simulator which provides the user with an accelerated experience of drilling directional wells.

 DDSIM is used for the Directional Drilling piece of the SPE / UHI competency course in wellbore positioning.  It is also used by the International Association of Directional Drillers for their courses and has been used by Shell, Conoco Phillips, Total, Exxon, Chevron and BP for Directional Drilling training.


  • Clear graphics showing the instrumentation, the drill floor and the profile plot as the well progresses
  • Multiple BHA types are available with accurate behaviour models
  • Reactive Torque, weight on bit, fluid pressure and rotary speed effects are all modelled
  • The MWD model includes both long and short surveys so magnetic interference exercises can be done
  • There is a magnetic ranging option for relief well exercises

Click Here for a walkthrough demo by the 'Father of DDSIM' - Professor Angus Jamieson, a global authority on Directional Drilling and the author of the 'COMPASS' directional drilling software. Angus recently received a distinguished service award from the SPE Technical Section for Wellbore Positioning.

And here's an instructor guide which Angus uses as part of his directional drilling training course