Delete a User

Deleting a user is sometimes necessary as organizations change. This action has been reserved for administrator users of ATMS only.

Simply navigate to Administration and select the Users Tab.

A full list of users will appear. You can filter this list by First Name or Last Name or you can search using free text.

Once you have located the user you wish to delete simply click on the Delete button.

If the user is not involved in any actions then the delete will be successful and the user will be deleted.

Sometimes, if a user is involved in an action or project, administrators cannot delete the user. A sys admin can take actions to ensure the user is no longer involved in any actions or projects only if they know exactly where the user is involved.

New functionality in the form of a "User Involvement Report" was added in the latest release of ATMS.

An administrator can now generate this report via the following 3 methods:

  • Attempting to delete a User who has Involvement will display a new dialog allowing downloading of info.
  • Right-click Context Menu option in User List screen.
  • Button on the User Edit window (existing Users only).

The "User Involvement Report" will allow administrators to locate actions and projects a user is involved in and decide how to best proceed with the deletion.

An example "User Involvement Report" is shown below.

Create a New User