Creating Permits

  1. Click the ‘Create Permit’ button on the Home Screen or the Permit List Screen.
    If the ‘Select the Permit Settings’ screen opens, select the site and a question set/version to use for the permit and click the ‘Create Permit’ button. (This screen will only come up if your company has several sites or several question sets.)
    The Permit Details Screen opens.
  2. In the Permit Details Screen, complete all permit details, starting at the top of the form, by selecting options from a dropdown list, selecting a time, entering text, adding an attachment, as per the table below.
  3. Select Yes/No to enable ‘Special’ Permits (e.g. Hot Work, Working at Height)
  4. To add more attachments, use the ‘Add Attachments’ button.
  5. Click the ‘Save’ button to save, or the ‘Return’ button to return to the Home Screen without saving.
  6. The newly created permit is now displayed on the Permit List Screen with the status ‘Created’, and on the Home screen
    1. under the ‘Permits Created’ Heading if the Approve/Reject workflow is enabled, OR
    2. under the ‘Pending Issue’ Heading if the Approve/Reject workflow is disabled, OR
    3. under the ‘Awaiting Area Approvals’ Heading if an Area Manager has been designated for the selected work area.
Using Pisys Permit To Work
Approving / Rejecting Permits