Controls Tab

Every piece of data stored about an action or project is entered through a control - whether that is a drop-down list, a text box, a date control, hyperlink or a check box. ATMS™ has standard (fixed) controls which are necessary for each action. In addition to these, ATMS™ allows the creation of custom controls, so any data not stored against an action as standard can be defined by the user.

These controls are grouped onto Tabs and can also be shown as a column on the main action list screen.

There are two types of controls you can create, “Project” and “Action”. The process to create, update or delete the controls of both categories is the same. Select the type of control you want to work with from the pull-down list at the top of the control screen as shown. Here, action or project controls may be selected. Once control type is selected an admin can create, edit and delete controls via the toolbar or context menu.

Controls belong to a control group. You can have multiple control groups in the system and different projects can use different, or the same, control groups. Control groups are created by copying an existing control group, as starting from scratch would take a very long time.

Tabs Tab
Add a New Control Group